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The Leader In Mental Health Platform Development

Universal Cognitive Solutions’ mission is to improve current mental health processes to increase accessibility for clients, provide peace of mind to family members, give health professionals new tools that increase efficiency, and provide care providers the means to do more with less money.

Completely Digital

Our company’s goal is to eliminate as much paper in the health care environment as possible. By cutting down on wasted time and resources, your organization will realize substantial financial savings.

Online Mental Health Tools

Our company specializes in developing made to fit online tools to ensure your software works exactly the way you want it to. If you can think it, we can build it.

Research Opportunities

Through our made to fit options for each client, we create unique data sets for each of your clients. This presents unique research opportunities, allowing you to query your data any way you see fit.

Platform Independent

Our products are completely platform independent. Regardless of your device and operating system, be it a smart phone, tablet,  laptop, or desktop, if it has a browser you can work. 

Worried about internet outages getting in the way of your work? Our products are designed to work in your browser, even if offline.

Do More With Less

Realize new found efficiencies and cost savings as we work with you to ensure our work meets your specific needs. By freeing up precious therapy and office time through the reduction of on site visits, you can see more clients, process more therapy data, and connect with other stakeholders in your clients care. Through our client focused solutions, all caregivers for your client (with permission) can remain up to date on their progress and status.

Think We Can Help?

Reach out to us! With our custom solutions, there is no problem we cannot solve when it comes to improving your ability to deliver services to your clients. We can be reached at [email protected] .

"As both the parent of a child with Autism and a military veteran who works with distressed and homeless veterans, I realized that there were much needed improvements in mental health care processes. It is my personal goal to ensure no person misses much needed help, regardless of geographic location."

– Mark Gauci
President and CEO
Universal Cognitive Solutions

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